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Recipe Box:

Rasin Bread
Egg in the Hole
Egg in the Orange with Hash Browns and Glazed Ham

House Salad
1 lb. Buttered White Bread
Cheese Balls
Champagne and Caviar

Carmeled Onions
Spicey Mushroom Delight
Pom Frits
Spinach in Cheese Sauce

Mom's Favorites:
Zuchini Casserole
Chilli Rellenos
5 Cup Salad
Dressing for Salad
Kraut Salad
Chicken Gumbo File`
White Rice
Bean Salad with Dressing
Green Enchilada Casserole

Standard Fare:
Grandma's Egg Noodles
Tuna and Noodles
Basiled Cheese Noodles
Hawaiian Sandwiches
Beef and Vegie Stew
Cheddar del Fargo

First Class:
Surf and Turf
Crusted le Salmon
Peppers Steakless

Grandma's Bread Pudding
Gramps's Pie Crust
Kim Bob's Country Fresh Peach Cobbler
Neiman-Marcos Cookies
R.C. Float

Chef's Corner:
Seven Secret Spices
Cheesey Ranchero Topping
Easter Egg Colors
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