Poem for Hobbes

                   By Kim Dara


Imagine One Kid and His Toy

Rainbows and Cold Weather

As my cat’s yellow

But pretty sad


I want to dream about you

With my moon music warm friend

Like the Bled told of blue mountain light

Remember joy, always leave happy


So were clouds silent storm

Whispers through her ocean skin

And she and we In hot hand

Horrible Butterfly Bug went on a Huge Window


Dadly Shoot Out

Ghost Women Are It

Bring the gentle galoshes from

Saw where Morning and Sky Pretend


No Mom I Can Play as time sails by

Under me Is Black Water

Will teach Singing, Dance,

No Summer, Laugh, Cry, wonder love, flying pig


Live Full for a Cool Family

Pull Up Walk There Smart Boy

Silly Man I believe you asked  for

 A green garden monster


Say If he, He think In dark

Dog eat that slow ball

Bouncing together like their Monkey Prince with Slime Sludge

Candy would come when they ate behind us


Tiny Wet White Day

Which never said that

We Grow

See this and get Red Rose it, ‘’Ride’’


Who put this Girly

Goeth, She does

Doer She

Are am Are


© 2006 KimDara.com

(every available word in set used:














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