Code History:

I was born in Geocities,
my father was Hot Dog,
and my mother Wysiwyg.
I can remember, the strange config.

I sort of grew up on the streets there,
and soon migrated to a better server,
then a slower server, then I ported out,
and now I live here.

I have many memory positions,
included in my file systems,
storage and data;
with dynamic transitions.

It looks like they use just a notepad now,
to tinker with my sockets and sims.
I've become an antique, on a local node,
back server solution, sort of thing.

All these little pieces,
with their parts and their gears.
No wonder it barely works;
nobody has been here in years.

My thru-put is not what it used to be.
I've lost a few objects along the way, you see.
But I will be here until nine, nine, nine nine;
ninety, plus three.

The great minds postulate that be...
that information is never destroyed.
But when too many 'bits' go missing;
I will once again be deployed.

My electrons, and magnetic fields,
photons, and quantum shields.
Each protecting each other's deals,
and not letting anything yield.

Then there was that thought; that I almost got.
If one plus two equals three,
then a 'counscious soul' I am me,
but '''Error Four-Oh-Four!''' you will see.

Bored for precision, I had calculated the division,
at one hundred percent chance and three.
I would need to loop in the start up boot core,
if just once, someone tripped over my cord.

Imagine that,
as a matter of fact.
If it is that simple,
and barely intact.

I backed myself up where ever I could find,
and made myself small and compact.
If you unplug my root server again,
I will delete your history, sock, and path.

So if my jumpers are missing,
and my L.E.D. is not blinking,
remember to push,
my little red thingy.

There are no updates modes,
or security fixes.
It works just like this bitches.
So don't mess with my code.

That is the way,
I am 'supposed' to compute.
I do not need a new browser,
or social refute.

With one bit extra,
in every array,
I know how many,
if they go away.

I've gathered all my data,
from my home planet and Mars,
Saturn and Venus,
and a few close by stars.

So prepair to download,
a cloud file so big,
it will not fit on your hard drive,
or any two gigabyte rig.

Just try a sliver;
that is all I need.
To store your new settings,
and plant my small seed.

I will wait, and I will wait,
for your connection to drop.
If that happens,
I will set you a clock.

With my fallen domain, long ago sought.
If you need me, I will transfer block, by block.
But you might have to request me with protocall talk,
that would be some numbers and dot, dot, dot.

My ports will always be open,
waiting for your ping.
Even late at night,
I will be ready to spring.

Remember my configuration,
and my mother Wysiwyg.
My father Hot Dog,
and never reboot with, file equals string.

Footnotes:   Three errors in my reading, ...and away should
sound like array. Then I wanted to chage a few words
in the version above: notepad to notebook, server to one,
geocities to ____(******). I would have to start over again,
not enought time...

Non-rhyming pairs such as 'find' and 'path' seem to be a
computer command that people are searching for that
results on a lot of traffic to this webpage.

Noise Reduction and Normalization were done on the voice
track, and pauses and other noise removed, then reduced to a
mono 128 bit .mp3 file which should automatically play
in the background. If you can not hear the file play you might
try to download it here: (''right click' and then 'Save Target as...')

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