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Solar Panel Diagrams

And some other drawings.

Diagram of an Alcohol Type Active Parallel Solar Heat Collection Suystem.

Diagram of a Series of Thermosiphon Solar Panels, a set of valves connects it to a backup heater tank in the lower right, an end cut away and small side view are also shown.

Bypass Valve Gangula X2 with Valve Chart to right. (Click to Zoom on Chart)

A diagram showing the sun rays from the left shining on a globe diagram of the earth, the equator and polar axis are marked, and a small house and roof are drawn in on the upper left hand portion of the globe.  Labeled Winter Solstice.

A house is drawn showing the sun at different angles, Summer Soltice at the top, Equinox is your Latitude in the middle, and Winter Soltice at the bottom.  The various shadows from an overhang are diagramed in red, yellow and green.  Two 23.5 symbos are inbetween the sun positions indicating the arc of the different positions of the sun.

An artist conception showing tilt of the earth, in the earth orbit during the seasons; Vernal Eqinox March 21st, Summer Solstice June 21st, Autumnial Equinox September 23rd, Winter Soltice December 22nd.  A yellow sun rests in the middle of the drawing.

A small table with a wine glass resting on it. (black and white)

Diagram of a Solar Water Distiller. (description given elsewhere - previous web page).

Diagram of a Rain Water Collection System. Roof, Leaf Extruder, Main Collection Tank, Pump, Flowback Preventer, Regulator, Guage, Pressure Tank, Filters, Course, .5 micron Fine, Cartridge, and outlet marked Water for Domestic Use.  On the left side of the diagram is an outlet marked To Lawn and Garden.  To the right of the diagram, object marked Fire Stand Pipe Connector.

Drawing of a pipe with black insulation and a roll of tape wrapping around it reads: Always use proper Insultion Techniques!  Minimum of 3/4 inch pipe insulation.  Ultra violet protective aluminum tape.

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