Shaun Samuelson

Shaun Samuelson; one of the kindest, gentlest, and compassionate men I have ever known;. He had an aquarium at his home to rehabilitate snails that people had stepped on, on various neighborhood sidewalks. He would fiberglass their little shells back together, and then nurse them back to good health, then set them free again in a safer spot in the woods.

He often sheltered homeless people on cold nights and fed them organic food and filtered water. While they rested he would wash their clothes and sleeping bags with non-allergenic soap. As he often stated, he had an environmental allergy and chemical sensitivity concerns, and could not be around anyone that wore perfume or deodorant as it would give him a headache and make him sick.

The only one thing about Shaun that always bothered us was when he would talk about the horrendous torture his mother had put him through as a child. There were so many continuous instances of this I can not begin to recall them all. A few I can remember as he described them so vividly I will probably never forget, one such as his mother beating him in the penis with a tennis shoe when he had a erection as a young boy (4-5 years old?) and telling him “that is naughty and bad”. He also described to us his mother locking him in the closet totally naked for days at a time, with only a five gallon plastic bucket to go to the bathroom in, and that was all there was to play with in there.

He definitely had some sort of toilet training trauma as a child; as a full grown man he preferred to still use a five gallon plastic bucket to go to the bathroom in, and he would seldom would actually use the actual toilet for any personal business unless in a public setting.

He also described other such beatings from his mother, for instance, for holding hands with a friend.

The day I heard he had actually run over and killed his mother while she was on a gurney and the paramedics were loading her in an a ambulance I actually said out loud, “Thank God she's dead!”; but I will always suffer knowing Shaun is spending the rest of his life in prison to escape her torturous ways, but at least I know she can never torture him again.

So for all you troubled parents, please do not pepper-spray your children. They might kill you for that. As I have seen and read all the news stories that Shaun was such “a monster”; however I knew the real truth behind this relationship. Virginia Samuelson had sold her son’s Shaun’s condominium that he owned outright and she had kept the money from him. This was no dispute over “lunch money” as some might be led to believe by the news reports. Perhaps is was also a lot of pent-up hostility unleashed a final time to end a lifetime of abuse and torture.

God, please watch over him, and protect him from evil. That he may find the peace and love that he has always sought from his mother, but never got from her.


"The Evil Witch"

The Evil Witch

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Chamonix, 2415 Wickersham, #714, Austin, TX
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Soylent Green
Shaun Samuelson

(Just I and V) ex: E ||: EEE E AAA A :||

Oh I can tell you fuckers all enjoy your brave new world

With your headache making chemicals and your creepy little girls

Who call me from their cubicles and treat me really mean

But I know someday they’ll love me once I’m in their soylent green

And you well trained monkeys with ice in your veins

Serve your evil skinnerian thorazine machine

And your darker higher power that no one’s ever seen

I can’t wait to see you devils get ground up in soylent green

You so called conservatives-

What do you conserve-

(a tempo)
And all you social darwinist who treated me so mean

I know you won’t love me ‘til I’m in your soylent green

I know you’ll think I’m worthless ‘til I’m in your soylent green

And all you cold eugenicists you’re a bunch of gad damn things

But I know that one day you’ll wind up in someone’s soylent green

Yeah I know that one day you’ll wind up in someones’ soylent green-


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