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Royal Palms:

Royal Palms Manufactured Home & RV Community - Reviews and Useful Links


Business Office Location:
Austin, Texas USA
North 30.219320°
West 97.685680°
Elevation: 198 meters AMSL

Royal Palms Manufactured Home & RV Community of Austin and Central Texas
7901 East Ben White Boulevard
Austin, Texas 78741

(512) 385-2211 Local
(877) 935-8788 Toll Free
(512) 385-6790 Fax



L.&L. Investment Company Properties
7901 E Ben White Boulevard
Austin, TX 78741
(512) 385-2237

Sidney Lanier - Mug Shot
Sidney Lanier

Manager: AKA: Darshan Jani

Overall Ratings:
Overall Ratings: All Thumbs Down


Currently rents are being raised effective May 1st, 2013 due to increased operating costs from mis-management, the owner buying a new yacht [1], and remodeling of the clubhouse [2]. Current year long leases will not be honored by management if older than six months and your statement will reflect the rate increase.


General Information:

The Business Office is Closed on Sundays and Holidays.

For 'Online Bill Paying' you will be charged and extra $10 as a "Courtesy Fee" per transaction. Must we remind you the deffinition of 'Courtesy' is the showing of politeness in one's attitude and behavior toward others. This is hardly polite or a attitude anyone appreciates. Under "normal business practices" you would expect this service to be free or as in most circumstances you would receive a discounted rate for doing business online. No Sir, not at Royal Palms; extra fines and fees for most any thing imaginable seems to be normal operation procedure for this outfit.

The pool is closed nine months out of the year and then you have to pay a $25 Pool Pass Deposit as a requirement when it is open if you want to use it. A $2 pool guest fee for any person pre-registered or $5 if a guest is not registered.

Litter and trash was noted blowing loose throughout the property.

The majority of the lots had no grass or lawns; just dirt and weeds. Trees are plentiful; if you enjoy invasive species such as the toxic and smelly China Berry Trees that have established themselves throughout the trailer park and the pollen spewing cedar fever inducing Cedar Junipers that line the fence row on the West side of the trailer park. We really could not smell the China Berry Trees for all of the leaking sewage on the North side of the trailer park, the jet exaust and the jet fuel fumes, and the twenty five plus ferral cats living under the cat lady's trailer.


The "Free" WiFi wireless internet is intermittent and you can only get it if you are very near the business office or in the laundry room. Several of the laundry machines and dryers were out of order in the laundry room, and it seemed instead to be some sort of a make shift internet cafe' that was going on in the laundry room instead, as the guests there told us "they were not allowed in the clubhouse, only staff and their children were allowed in there." The office turns off the WiFi when ever they "needed to print something".

G4 Internet and Cell Phone reception in the area were very poor (one bar) to none (zero bars).

"Free Cable 70+ Channels" actually means 49 channels of very poor analog TV, no public access channels, NO government channels, NO Weather Channel, NO Golf Channel, NO HBO, NO Cinamax, NO Showtime, NO NASA-TV, NO C-SPAN etc.... Royal Palms Management claims this "Free Cable TV" service is valued at $62.30 per month; but, the Time Warner website quotes 'Basic Cable' with 70+ channel rates at $39.99 per month and "Digital TV" 200+ channels at $49.99 per month. You can get a few extra channels at the Royal Palms if you subscribe to Time Warner Cable services and have a 'Set Top Box' for the rates quoted above on the Time Warner website. You may request a "Free" 'Digital Transport Adapter' from the Time Warner Cable Service with a few extra channels at a cost of 99 cents per month per adapter, with a limit of two adapters. Of course, remember, you will be paying more from your own personal money for these "Free Services" no matter what at Royal Palms. There is no way that anything is really 'free' at Royal Palms, as if, it is an expence to Royal Palms; they will just pass the expence on to you in your lot rent, fines and fees, and further rent increases. ref: See Links at the bottom of this webpage concerning the above metioned quoted prices and services.

Getting a Land Line Phone or Internet Provider at Royal Palms is also almost impossible as most of the telephone lines have been dug up or cut, pedestals destroyed or run over by vehicles. Only AT&T can provide initial hook-up of these types of services at this location. The land line must be in place and in service with AT&T before you can switch to any other communications provider; thus greatly increasing your personal expences for these services. At most of the trailer parks we have stayed at in the United States over the past several years they have had a working phone line with a phone jack and a dial tone at each pad for matters as public safety and a customer service courtesy. Although some of them were party lines, having a party line is better than no land line phone service at all. There is not a public pay phone on the property and the closest public phone is 1/2 mile away at a gas station.

Using Public Transportation and Tollerating the Public:

Royal Palms is also a very bad location for you if you depend heavily on public transportation; as the only close bus stop within 1/4 mile walking distance is near the West entrance of the trailer park, and this bus will only take you to the airport and the county jail. During our visit, the bus stop was marked with a traffic cone with paper note attached to it stating that the bus stop was temporarily closed, and a barracaid had been placed across the street so that no traffic coud exit onto Ben White Blvd. at the location or Palma Verde Drive and Ben White Blvd. The nearest major grocery store is aproximately 2.75 miles away, with a minimum of four buses and two transfers that are needed to make the round trip, and you will still need to walk with your groceries for about a quarter to a half of a mile to get back on the bus to return to Royal Palms. Estimated round trip time to the grocery store, not includuing shopping, is about four hours. If you are wheelchair bound and can not make it to the North In Bound Bus Stops on East Riverside Drive which are 1/4 and 1/2 mile away due to distance, lack of sidewalks, or inclanation of terrain; it is possible to catch the Outbound Bus to Del Valle at the West Entrance of Royal Palms on Palma Verde Drive and ride the bus to the airport where you can transfer to Bus #100 the Airport Flyer or remain on the bus and ride to the end of the line at the Travis County Correctional Facility and wait on the bus aproximately twenty minutes to return on the Inbound Bus #350 to Austin Community College on Grove Avenue to transfer to the regular CapMetro Routes #20 Riverside, #311 Oltorf, and #4 Montopolis or wait on the bus another twenty minutes to continue on the #350 Northbound.

We also advise you not to transfer buses at the Ruiz Library instead of the Austin Community College, both on Grove Avenue, as inmates on work release from the Travis County Correctional Facility on the end of Route #350 usually use this bus stop to 'hang out' at. If you have to use the bus stop and library at this location be very cautious. Also try to avoid the bus stop at the Southwest Corner or Montopolis and East Riverside where there is a #100 Airport Flyer and # 350 Del Valle bus stop transfer as there are many crackheads and homeless people that live in the woods directly behind this stop. They will continually harass you, try to panhandle from you, try to bum cigerettes, and try to steal anything you have. In general if you do not smoke, try to carry a few cigerettes with you at all times as you ride the bus system in Austin; as something as simple as giving or selling someone a cigarette at a bus stop will buy you protection at various bus stops throughout the city. If you do smoke, do not smoke at a bus stop, not only is it illegal, every bum within eyesight will approach you for a 'smoke', 'square', or cigerette. In the downtown area there are also some very aggresive panhandlers, just try to avoid them. If someone does appear truely needy, or ask for food, give them something from your backpack or buy them lunch. Try not to give them money, unless you feel in your heart they really need it. Say 'Hello', 'Howdy', or 'Ola' to everyone you pass on the street as a simple 'Howdy' seems to diffuse the worst of situations. Then there are thoes that just need someone to talk to, it is not going to hurt you to take a few minutes out of your day to talk them. They may offer you some advise, or perhaps tell you how weird Austin can be.

Nearby Businesses:

There are six hotels, several resturants, and a convienent store gas station within 1/2 mile of Royal Palms that can provide a source of basic food needs and personal items. Please remember you will be paying double markup if purchasing items at a convient store versus a regular grocery store which is several miles away.

The only nearby location that has the local free weekly 'Chronical' newspaper with entertainment and live music listings is available at the La Quinta Hotel at East Riverside Drive and East Ben White Boulevard in the vending room on the first floor. Circulation is on Thursdays so be sure and pick one up at the La Quinta or at any other location around town such as grocery stores and local businesses on this day as they quickly disappear. A variety of other local and national newspapers can be purchased at the nearby convienent store.

The MetCenter is located just to the South and Southwest of Royal Palms along East Riverside Drive. Altough this US Government Installation with many front companies and many employees has many amenities such as a disk golf course, park areas with hiking and jogging trails, and basketball courts; it is not meant to be used by the general public but only thoes employed at the MetCenter. There are routine security patrols in the area and the nearby public businesses. Security will tell you that it is private property and perhaps escort you out of the area. The MetCenter is actually one of the largest and advanced server farms in the world with triple redundant power and water sources, multiple fiber optic redundancy thru-put with a dozen or so fiber optic carriers. It houses the databases for the US Treasury, CyrusOne, The Department of Veterans, the ERCOT Disaster Command Center, General Motors, among many others too numerious to mention here. Let us just say, "it is a high security area", do not go over there. With all thoes server farms and and fiber optic connectivity on the otherside of the street it still amuses us that the residents at Royal Palms can not even get decent internet access. AT&T's U-Verse combined phone, TV, and internet service is not availible at Royal Palms; but you can get U-Verse almost anywhere else in Austin including the trailer park right across the street to the North on East Riverside Drive.


There is a lot of construction going on on Ben White Blvd., building a bridge 'under' Riverside Drive and there is no longer a crossover at Palma Verde Drive. West bound traffic must transverse South via. Palma Verde Drive to East Riverside with a 3/4 mile detour in and out of the trailer park. Crossing Ben White Blvd. at East Riverside Drive by pedestrians or bicycle was impossible because of heavy equipment construction at the location and six lanes of 55 MPH traffic or at times traffic stopped and backed up for miles and miles; lacking of any indication of crosswalks, crossing lights, sidewalks, or bike lanes. There is unbearable noise from the construction 24 hours a day and traffic between the two major highways on the North and East side of the trailer park and East Riverside Drive to the South and the airport noise as the trailer park is 1/4 mile from landing aircraft on Runway 17-Right and the cargo usually rolls out starting at 4:30 AM with 100 dB of thrust every few minutes. The airplane noise is worse in bad weather and when the wind is from the North because the aircraft traffic pattern is in reverse with outbound flights veering to the West from takeoffs on Runway 35-Left right over the Royal Palms trailer park at very low altitude, full throttle, and climbing out. Although commercial air traffic is restricted between the hours of 6:00 AM until 11:00 PM in good weather and non-restricted during bad weather; aircraft are heard at all hours of the day and night as Austin Bergstrom International Airport also serves the Texas National Guard, General Aviation, Cargo Carriers , Travis County Starflight and City of Austin Police Helicopters, The Texas State Aircraft Board, as well as other 24 hour a day operations.

High E.M.F. and Rf. interference from High Tension Electrical Power Lines on the East side of trailer park causes very poor radio reception and such levels of high E.M.F. interference is know to cause lowered I.Q.s in children [3] and other negative health affects in adults including memory loss and other ailments[4], not to mention the continious splatter of X, Ka, and Ku Radar from the airport next door according to one resident.

Also be aware if you live near a dumpster or for that fact anywhere at Royal Palms you will be awakened by the trash trucks emptying the garbage in the dumpsters around 3:30 AM several times per week, driving down every street and after several loud slam bang bang bang sounds the backup beepers come on as they drive in reverse back up the street.

So you thought you could sleep in? Not at all, as the constant use of leaf blowers and weed-eaters every day by maintenance and residents alike starts as soon as the sun rises and lasts until well after dusk. The lengths people will go to to avoid thoes pesky 'uncut weeds' and 'Leaf on the Driveway' fines and fees.

Ice Cream Trucks come through the trailer park a few times a day and you can not ignore the playing of 'Turkey in the Straw'; or the ringing of bells by the bicycle and push carts salesmen as well. Mobile Loaves & Fishes Food Trucks also visit the trailer park on occasion; but they are very quiet so look for them or ask someone about their stops, as well as other scheduled locations throughout Austin and several other U.S. cities. In this particular case we think that has to do with the regularly scheduled boy scout meetings and their community service outings as Troop 990 usually mans this particular truck with some of their adult leaders. Be sure and visit them if you are in need of some 'Rudy's Bar-B-Que', or maybe some 'Breakfest Tacos', or maybe you do not even have a 'pair socks'; or, if you can, please support their mission as sometimes all they have to offer someone living on the streets is a bologna sandwich or a boiled egg. They can always use some new socks; they give them to poor and homeless people, who have to walk everywhere, and have many greater things to worry about than taking care of their feet, like where to store their insulin where it can be refrigerated, and where to eat and sleep.

The mail truck comes by in the afternoons, usually around 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM; and sometimes as many as two mail trucks will come by, as late as, after dark on Saturday. The familiar 'Whaaa, Squeak, Cluck, Clunk, Whaaa' sounds are just to remind you the mail is up and it is time to check the mailbox for your extra bills, postcards and letters, and such. A big bundle of coupons is delivered about once a week. We thought they are for someone who used used to live here named 'Current Resident' but the post office will not take them back. Somebody named 'Current Occupant' also gets a lot free samples and magazines, same thing, so we put them all in a large cardboard box just in case they ever showed up here and asked for them.

Situational Comedy?

Somebody actually stole an old pair of shoes that were left by our front door one night when it was raining. But if they really needed an old pair of wet and muddy shoes they can just keep them for as long as they need them. We just ask that if at sometime they no longer need them to please give them back. We had to give our only extra pair of shoes to a guy that was visiting us; as it was his shoes had actually been stolen somehow. It was dark and raining, we were visiting inside, and we just did not notice anyone lurking around outside at the time.

Other residents often complained they have been fined by the management for having "a leaf" on the driveway[6], something they forgot about and left on their patio, among other things too numerous to mention. A "Fee Schedule" is availible at the office, most violations carry a "Fee" of $25 for the first offence.

Due to the low elevation in the Royal Palms area, cold weather and wintertime temperatures run about ten degrees below the local Austin Weather Station at Camp Mabry which is on the opposite side of town and at a much higher elevation. This will increase your heating bills with either electric or propane usage compaired to living in most any other place in Austin proper. This may explain why some residents at Royal Palms that either do not have heat in their trailers or that they simply can not afford the electricity or propane build bonfires, with sticks and trash in their yards, during cold weather to keep warm . Then the other extreme, warm weather and summertime temperatures of day after day of 100 F°+ and drought conditions, that may include water rationing.

Please note the residential lots at Royal Palms Manufactured and RV Vehicle Community are in a totally different zip code than the business office. Residential lots use zip 78744 while the business office on location uses zip code 78741. For instance, this may cause confusion with public entities such as receiving public assistance, discounts with 'Lite-up Texas' enengy assistance, food stamp programs, women with infant children assistance, social security benifits, among other difficulties.

The electrical and water hook-ups are sub-metered. This means you will be paying your electrical and water bills with your lot rent to Royal Palms. You are not a direct customer of The City of Austin nor will the City of Austin have any record of your utility usage which will also cause you difficulties if you are receiving public assistance for these utilities or heating your trailer with propane either metered or by the tank.

A water surcharge may be applied to your account if you use over 2000 gallons of water (per billing cycle). Washing of automobiles, campers, vehicles, and RVs is forbidden by management and subject to fines and fees if you stay on Corto Drive or La Posada Drive. Residents hooking up to their neighbor's water faucet either accidently or on purpose of stealing water is common place and there is no intervention from management with this particular complaint, just as long as the water bill is paid. If the bill is contested you will just get thrown out of the trailer park if you do not pay it.

No pets over 15 lbs according to the 'Community Rules'. According to the website dogs under 25 lbs are welcome but Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Doberman and other dangerous dog breeds are not allowed.

Although the base rates for premium lots and standart lots may vary, there are also mandatory add-ons included in your rent such as Trash Service $23.00 per month, and a Electrical Base Service Charge of $8.50 per month.

Your automobile may be towed out of your own driveway at anytime if somebody parks 'funny'[5] in front of you. You will be towed if you park on the street between 1:00 AM and 9:00 AM, or park on the street for more than 4 hours at any other time, or any other such reason as a wheel is slightly off of the driveway, touching the grass or patio, not parked square in the driveway, on or blocking a sidewalk or driveway, in a no parking or restricted zone such as a fire lane, fire hydrant, or not having current plates, insurance, and inspection while being parked in your own driveway, etc.. A visitor permit is required from the office if parking on the public street between the hours of 10:00 PM - 9:00 AM or you will be towed.

(*-Status and Remarks Review is Current for November, 2012 - May, 2013 ref: sources 1-6)

Reviews: Web Archives


Avoid staying at The Royal Palms Mobile Home RV Park, Austin TX

Aug 03, 2012

We strongly encourage everyone to avoid staying at The Royal Palms Mobile Home RV Park, Austin TX, no one deserves this kind of disrespect. Arrived on July 24th as stated on our reservation, the Assistant Manager Griselda Trevino (Gigi) very nice gentleman, informed us of the long list of park rules and fines, proceeded with a picture book to go over the rules for the park and possible fines, pointed out our lot location on the map and sent us on our way. No one assisted us to our location, parked & put permanent blocks under our 5th wheel. Next day, Assistant Manager Griselda Trevino (Gigi) knocked on our door, informing us not park our truck inline with our 5th wheel, lucky it hadnt been towed away at a cost to us of $200.00, had to move our truck over to designated parking pad, make sure that our tires were on the pad and not more than halfway over or we would incur a fine. He informed us to move our 5th wheel another 8 feet forward as the door of the 5th wheel must be on the patio pad, which was not stated in the park rules. We had to hook up and un-block our 5th wheel to move it 8 feet forward so our door would meet with the patio pad. We left the next day for 4 days, returned finding a 8x11 note taped to our window, dated 2 days after we left. "Remove your bikes from the stop sign and put them on your lot or in a designated storage area" We do not have bikes nor do we have any children. Deciding that we better leave the RV Park or we were going to get a fine for something that we were not responsible for. We hooked and packed up our 5th wheel and headed to the office, We stated we did not sign a lease, and the manager stated thats right you didnt and you are choosing to leave early and I dont have to give you back your money, We told him this was highway robbery and theft. The only words that continued to come from this Managers mouth was YOU ARE AWFUL, YOU ARE AWFUL, YOU ARE AN AWFUL PERSON, Manager hollering from the building if you put anything on the internet I will sue you.

Date of Stay: July, 2012
Rate Paid: $52.69

See the same, and more complete review, with our commments below the next one.

ref: (with photos)

Griselda ( Grizzy) T.
November 12, 2012

Keep ur dog on a leash at all times :)


Saving our Country
Posted on 08/03/12

We strongly encourage everyone to avoid staying at The Royal Palms Mobile Home RV Park, Austin TX, no one deserves this kind of disrespect. Reserving a long-term RV Lot, arriving on July 24th, informed no guarantee, reserved and pay for a lot immediately even if not there to occupy the lot, but if they rented out our lot, refund us for each day it was rented. Reserved through the internet on July 19th Royal Palms processed the amount of $705.00 on our visa. Arrived on July 24th as stated on our reservation, the Assistant Manager Griselda Trevino (Gigi) very nice gentleman, informed us of the long list of park rules and fines, then proceeded with a picture book to go over the rules of the park and possible fines, pointed out our lot location on the map and sent us on our way. No one assisted us to our location, we parked & put permanent blocks under our 5th wheel. The next day the Assistant Manager Griselda Trevino (Gigi) knocked on our door, informing us that we could not park our truck inline with our 5th wheel and that we were lucky that it hadn’t been towed away at a cost to us of $200.00, and that we had to move our truck over to the designated parking pad, and to make sure that our tires were on the pad and not more than halfway over or we would incur a fine. He also informed us that we had to move our 5th wheel another 8 feet forward as the door of the 5th wheel must be on the patio pad, which was not stated in the park rules. We had to hook up and un-block our 5th wheel to move it 8 feet forward so our door would meet with the patio pad. We left the next day for 4 days and returned to find a 8x11 note taped to our window, dated 2 days after we left. “Remove your bikes from the stop sign and put them on your lot or in a designated storage area” We do not have bikes nor do we have any children. Deciding that we better leave The Royal Palms Mobile Home RV Park or we were going to get a fine for something that we were not responsible for. We hooked and packed up our 5th wheel and headed to the office of Royal Palms, the same manager attended to us, we gave him back his note regarding the bikes and insisted that he find the rightful owners to the bikes. He stated “oh this was a mistake”. We said, your mistakes are not our problem, we are checking out. He looked at us and said as he held up the 8X11 note “this is nothing to get upset about, is this why you are leaving?” We simply stated that we are checking out now. The manager then proceeded to refund our money, but we were shocked to find that we were only receiving a refund of $183.47. We stated we did not sign a lease, and the manager stated “that’s right you didn’t and you are choosing to leave early and I don’t have to give you back your money” We told him this was highway robbery and theft. The only words that continued to come from this Managers mouth was “YOU ARE AWFUL, YOU ARE AWFUL, YOU ARE AN AWFUL PERSON, YOU ARE AWFUL, YOU ARE AWFUL” We simply stated that we have the proof, having the paperwork to back up our claim, the breakdown is 8 days at The Royal Palms Mobile Home RV Park $52.69 per night. The Manager was not interested in explaining the park rules regarding this kind of a situation. The Royal Palms Mobile Home RV Park are thief’s. Just as we were getting into our trucks to pull away, the Manager comes out of the building walking towards us hollering “if you put anything on the internet I will sue you” We are a couple whom has served our country for 13 years and my wife is an amputee, we did not ask for any special discounts. Our work takes us across the country, we have stayed in many RV parks, we have never been treated this way by anyone, as a matter of fact, 99% want us to return. Stay safe in your travels.

^ Variations of this review are posted on several websites, some included here, and well noted. Royal Palms must have really pissed this couple off if they had the motivation to post on every RV, recreation, camping, and travel website they could find. We calculate $421.52 (52.69 x 8) for a week and a day stay if We read it correctly, $705.00 was charged to their VISA crecit card on an online reservation, refunded $183.47, ah yes, the missing $100.01 We can see it too, though they did not mention the amount, as we were confused also. We wonder if they ever got their hundred dollars and one cent back or that was just the charge for the ass reaming they got for "Free". More about these "Free" services to follow. Bless their hearts for having the courage to post the everyday ordinary standard practices of Royal Palms with the threats of being sued and yelled at and all, not to mention the 'parking funny' rule they must have broke in the first place. We are still not sure if the street is public or private property but we have the City of Austin Transportation Department and the Austin Police Department working arguing about this dispute right now. Thanks for pointing that out City of Austin Public Library Reference Desk. We are betting the Police Department will say it is public so they can patrol it and the Transportation Department will say it is private so they will not have to repair it. Obviously this was not the complaint filed with the Better Buisness Bureau, below, because that complaint was closed seven months earlier and that customer was still not satisfied with Royal Palms response either.


Posted on 11/20/11

My boyfriend and I have been living here for the past 6 months. We are both college students who have jobs and are trying to save money by choosing to live here instead of in an apartment. I don't know how we have lasted this long. The damn airport is literally a mile away. Good luck getting sleep when you hear thundering airplanes right over your head. There are days when it is tolerable but many more when it's not. The cars are also very loud since you are right smack dab in the middle of major highways and roads. There is a rampant Hispanic population living here who love to blare their music until late at night (both Mexican music and rap music.) I feel like I’m living in Mexico. There are always some idiots who feel the urge to knock on our door to ask if we need out yard raked for a fee, if we want to buy some tamales, etc, and when you tell them no, another group comes and asks the same day, followed by another group, and another group. I can’t count how many times I have been awakening in the morning by some dumbass asking if he can perform a service for a fee. As I type, it sounds like there is a fiesta going on with BLARING music and tons of kids screaming. Unless you don’t mind living around an extremely loud airport in which you smell airport fumes and want to deal with an ANNOYING and LOUD Hispanic population in which illegally immigrated to our country only to give birth to their five kids and use our tax money to feed them, AVOID THIS PLACE. I mean it is a trailer park for heaven’s sake, so this can all be expected I guess. Other than the noise and soliciting going on here, it would be tolerable. On a positive note, the trees are gorgeous here and the kitty cats here are so sweet, I try to feed them as much as I can since their owners do not feed them (the same idiots mentioned above). We will be leaving very soon.

Posted on 06/22/11

I just moved there and they took me in with open arm and more resourses and help then I could ever ask for. They run a safe, clean, and comfortable community and all the amenities I need. I see myself there for a long time.

^ More on this later... using words like 'there' instead of 'here' suggests to us this is probably a padded review written by management or staff. The mention of 'free' and 'propane on-site' seems to be absent from this post; so perhaps this could actually be a real review?

Posted on 03/01/11

Austin airport is adjacent to Royal Palms. Noise of takeoff and landing insures your stay will not be restful--and this in addition to it being sandwiched between two busy highways AND two other busy streets so you will be breathing jet fumes and traffic fumes 24 hours a day. If you value your health and peace of mind, find somewhere else to stay. Royal Palms has agreement with homeless organizations to allow street people & drug addicts to live there. The legal & illegal immigrants living there are, however, good and respectful. Office manager is nice when you first meet him but beware of chisling, cheap-skate, rip-off, irritating mentality that shows after you've moved in. For example, if the laundromat machines don't work properly don't expect to get your 75 cents refunded! You will, however, be accused of being the rip-off for suggesting they refund your quarters--even after you've paid thousands in rent! But if you don't mind sleepless nights, thundering jet noise 200 feet over your head, jet and car fumes, homeless people wandering around your unit, and a petty tyrant site manager, then this place is for you.

Posted on 02/22/11

Enjoyed staying here. Well maintained, many trees, convenient to downtown, friendly staff. FREE Access to Community Wide Wireless Internet, free DVD checkout and lending library. Propane is available onsite.

^ Yeah, just keep posting that again and again, that might work... Read on... This post is nearly the same as two other posts, first remember words like 'enjoyed' and 'excellent' then 'friendly staff', then mention the 'free wifi', and do not forget to then mention 'propane on-site'. Notice good reviews are usually one liners with no specific details of how or why Royal Palms staff was so excellent or friendly.

Posted on 10/09/10

This Place Sucks!!! THIS PLACE HAS SOME KIND OF CONTRACT WITH A BUM CAMP here in Austin, where they buy used r.v.s and house bums and hobos in them. I stayed there about a year, and if you go outside at night there are all kinds of homeless and no good people,walking around this little community,drinking and carriyng on at all hours of the night! I would wake up to beer cans and bottles littering my drive way, trash all over the street,I even saw someone sleeping under a trailer in the dirt ( or passed out ) and no one there seemed to care. But when rent was due, if you are 1 day late they will confiscate your r.v. for non payment! I saw them block 1 guys r.v. with a truck so they couldn't leave..As months went by there seemed to be more and more vagrants moving in there, I would even see them on street corners with signs begging for money, then at night they come to this trailer park for a free place to stay! Worst of all, there is a Big, Fat Black guy, who calls himself Mississippi, who lives up in the front of the trailer park some place, who will walk right up to your r.v. and take anything he can find ( he stole my broom ) but the office just looks the other way.( I also caught him looking in my car window ). I will not even get into the rest of the trailer park residents, who are 99% illegal aliens. You can live there if you want to but don't say I didn't warn you!!!

Posted on 11/07/07

Awful help in the office and very rude! It is the worst place I ever stayed at!

Posted on unknown, (3 months previous)

I also experienced the terribly rude manager, Darshan. He should learn how to talk to people. Some of the things he says to people are really uncalled for. I guess no one at the Royal Palms cares how he treats people.

A Yahoo! Local user
Posted on 05/04/07

Royal Palms is the nicest, cleanest RV park we have ever stayed in! It is beautiful, with so many trees - and shade - and the pool is clean and very beautiful, as well. Definitely take the Premium RV Lot (not that much more; and well worth it!). It is really large, with lots of trees. All the streets are lighted; and we even received mail delivery to our lot! Just like being at home; and that is how the staff treated us, as well. We will definitely return, when we get out next chance to live in Austin!!!

"Ever", really? Have not stayed at very many RV parks eh? "And we even got our mail delivered to our lot." Is there some reason why you would not get your mail delivered to your lot? Seems too good to be true. Does "Just like home" mean yelling at you and fining you for having a leaf on the driveway? Some home life you must have...

Posted: unknown previous

mlrambo must have been at a different Royal Palms than the one I stayed at in Austin. It was horrible there for me. They need new management.


Ty Kirk
reviewed 3 months ago

Appeal Good Facilities Good Service Good

Im about to go to Austin for a year and need a good RV park, my concerns are parks like this one. I love the comments but are the management going in making up good ones to make them sound good after the customers tell the truth? Or is there a preferred type the management likes and treats differently?

Ray Johnson
reviewed 6 months ago

Appeal Very good Facilities Good Service Poor to fair

Well, Well, Well,
I met my brother & sister in law who arrived on a Sunday at Royal Palms Austin. I flew in arriving on Monday. My brother was scheduled for major heart surgery the following day at St. David's Medical Center in Austin and had checked into the park for a week.

With that being said, I had been there for two hours when we were approached by a manager? of the facility. He complained that my brother's truck was not disconnected from his 5th wheel. Then he didn't like that I had parked my compact rental car on an old decrepit cement slab they referred to as a patio; he continued to complain about my sister in laws location of her car on the slab as well. All vehicles were parked within the confines of the rv space.

My sister in law tried to reason with the man saying that they has arrived the day before; Sunday and no one told them about the "RULES" then. She also expressed my brother's heart condition and that it would be extremely inadvisable for him to disconnect he truck under his condition; the manager's reply? "Hire Someone to do it".

He persisted in his on maniacal way insisting that the truck be parked at 90 degrees to the trailer with my car immediately behind it. By the way heaven help you if the truck bumper extended over the so called patio line. And that my sister in laws car would have to a special parking permit even thought it was on the rv spot.

When my brother arrived on Sunday he was NOT apprised of any of the asinine rules of this place; however they surely wanted payment up front. It didn't take much to look around the park grounds to see that SOME select patrons were in violation of the same rules so grossly bestowed upon my brother the day before major heart surgery. I'm just glad I was there to take care of the asinine rules sooooo important to the managing body of this fine establishment which obviously applies to a "select few".

In summation; the advertised “Texas-Friendly” Staff should change their name to the more appropriate "Gestapo” Staff. The management is self-centered, uncompassionate, egotistical bigots. It's very apparent that they suffer from that age old ailment (RCI) better known as Rectal Cranial Inversion.

My suggestion to you fellow RV'ers, just keep driving well past Royal Palms RV Park, Austin. It's not worth the headaches self-imposed by the management with the pleathera of unrealistic rules which they bestow upon others after they gladly take your money. It really doesn't have much to offer in the way of that advertised "TEXAS HOSPITALITY" they boast about on their homepage.

Jason Tilley
reviewed 10 months ago

Overall Very good

We came to Austin, TX on a Medical Assignment. We tried to stay at the RV resort to the south, but was turned away do to our dog (the wrongfully vilified pitbull). We came here. The staff didn't turn us away and were very nice and helpful with the area. We stayed there from November 2009 to June 2010. I will warn you that the park, in spots, looks like trouble. I worked nights. I walked my dogs and exercised from 9pm(at the earliest)-4am and never ran into any problems. There is a walking track about 1/4 mile away. It's about 3/4 to 1 mile long. There is a sign that you have to check out at this park. The sign reads, "Non-tenants(walking the path) will be electrocuted." That is not a joke.

Back to park. The biggest downfall is the Airport. The noise is unbearable if you have OCD (like my wife), but it didn't bother me that much(I slept during the day just fine). The park has cable, basketball court, and a pool. The pool is a pool, not a oversized bathtub. The oversized lots are worth the extra money. Those lots are very spacious compared to the RV Lots. There was no WIFI at the time I stayed there, but they talked about adding it. There is a Subway, Starbucks, Denny's, and a WaffleHouse within walking distance. That's about it. I would have given it a 4 star but it didn't have WIFI.

*Update* Stayed again from November 2010 to June 2011. They now have WIFI. Also would like to defend(somewhat) the management here. They are sticklers for towing cars because they probably have to be. They don't want a bunch of cars blocking the roads. Just my thoughts though.

L Rambo
reviewed 3 years ago

Overall Very good

The property is very nice. It has a swimming pool, free cable, and laundry facilities on site! I could take the bus downtown in 15 minutes and it's located close to the airport. I encountered many people who have lived in the community for 10+ years. People are friendly and the park is well maintained. People of all ages live there from young families to retired adults. Nice place to stay.

^ Someone please tell me review is fake... True, it has a swimming pool, did you actually try to use it? The Free Cable is actually bundled with your lot rent, maybe three years ago it seemed free because you were not paying anything extra for it, not the case now. You took the bus downtown in 15 minutes? We are not sure you could even drive downtown in your own car in 15 minutes. Maybe the bus schedules were different three years ago??? Using the current CapMeto Trip Planner the quickest possible trip is at 5:36 AM on a weekday from 2 Olmos Drive to 6th and Congress Avenue is 46 minutes on the #350 Del Valle bus Northbound from the Riverside and Palma Verde bus stop #5470 South of the trailer park down the street with no sidewalk which is 0.38 miles away from the West Entrance of the trailer park and with 1 transfer at Montopolis and Riverside to the #100 Airport Flyer plus the walk alone of 0.38 miles to the first bus stop, assuming you arrived at the first bus stop exactly when the bus arrived, and did not have to wait 30 minutes or more for the bus to arrive as usuall, and all the buses were running exactly on time which is rarely... and you considered downtown to be exactly at the 4th and Congress bus stop and did not have to actually walk another two blocks to 6th and Congress which is another 0.14 miles. You must of walked really fast to the first bus stop because you actually traveled backwards in time. Wait a minute, three years ago the #100 'Express' Airport Flyer did not run or stop at Montopolis and Riverside, it went up Airport Blvd. to East 7th Street. So you must have transfered to the #20 Riverside bus somewhere on Grove Ave. which is not an 'Express' bus and stops at nearly every bus stop on it's way into town. Please tell us how us more on how this fifteen minute bus ride downtown was possible. Time compression perhaps? It is exactly six miles between these two locations. Ok, so if you drove you car at constant 24 miles per hour and did not have to stop at any stop lights and there was no other traffic you could make it in 15 minutes.'People are friendly' must be your philosophy on life? The park is well maintained? Maybe Zilker Park is well maintained. Nice place to stay? Maybe so; if you are deaf, blind, and uncompassionate.

A Google User
reviewed a year ago

Overall Poor to fair

I have to say that this is the worst place to live in. My previous post on how the manager tows your car whenever he can got deleted for some reason. In that post I also mentioned how the manager is a bully and holds you hostage with your trailer as he throws fines at you for having leafs on your driveway and such issues that take from your children. I remember paying 45 bucks for a tree branch that fell in my yard during a storm. When I came out to go to work the next morning there was an orange paper on my door that said 45 due to the office, a nice surprise. (look what gary wrote in 2009) When I asked the manager why he fined me he told me as he hid behind his window that fines are his way of making his paycheck. With truth I can say that if you move here you will shortly have problems with the manager unless you like coming out of your pocket for nonsense.( look at Guy from March 2011) Anyways good luck but I do feel bad for the people who still live here because they are the real victims.

A Google User
reviewed 2 years ago

Overall Poor to fair

Austin airport is adjacent to Royal Palms. Noise of takeoff and landing insures your stay will not be restful--and this in addition to it being sandwiched between two busy highways AND two other busy streets so you will be breathing jet fumes and traffic fumes 24 hours a day. If you value your health and peace of mind, find somewhere else to stay. Office manager is nice when you first meet him but beware of chisling, cheap-skate, rip-off, irritating mentality that shows after you've moved in. For example, if the laundromat machines don't work properly don't expect to get your 75 cents refunded by this guy! You will, however, be accused of being a thief for suggesting they refund your quarters--even after you've paid thousands in rent! But if you don't mind sleepless nights, thundering jet noise 200 feet over your head, jet and car fumes, and a petty tyrant site manager, then this place is for you.

A Google User
reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent

Royal Palms was great to me, my husband and our dogs! We were only going to stay for a few days and fell in love with Austin so we decided to stay for a week. The weekly rate was VERY affordable and included ALL Utilities!! The location of the park was PERFECT for us because we wanted to explore downtown Austin. The park had FREE cable & wifi and the office offered additional services. My husband needed to fill up on some propane and they sell that too! We were very happy with the staff at Royal Palms and will be back there when we visit Austin again! Thanks for making our stay in Austin great and affordable!! - Virginia, Bill and Paws

^ Hmmmm... another one. A better place to stay if you wanted to explore downtown Austin would have been at a trailer park on Barton Springs Road. How exactly was Royal Palms great to you husband; as the same as your dogs? Did they pet them and bring them treats, walk them, pick up their poop, and rub their tummy. FREE FREE FREE shut the 'F' up, nothing in life is free. Exactly what did you pay for a weeks stay with your free cable, free wifi, and free utilities? What additional services did the office offer you? "Free" twenty year old movie rental DVDs that were so scrached up and worn out they would not even play? Let me know when you come back on your next visit to Royal Palms, we would love to talk to you and 'Paws'. Your husband had to fill up on some propane? I can not even begin to tell you what is wrong with that statement. I imagine him floating somewhere over South Austin, with the APD Helicopter orbiting him, with the spotlight on him, shooting at him to get him to come down. They sell that too!

A Google User
reviewed 3 years ago

Overall Poor to fair

This RV park is nice enough. We lived there for a month. We never felt unsafe but the place is kind of run down. The management was always very nice and they kept the office and pool area very clean. The airport is very near which is good (close to the airport) and bad (LOUD LOUD planes overhead). This place is OK enough to stay for a while, but it's not a great choice for long term living. Also, the streets are rather narrow and if you have a bigger rig it may be hard to get you in a long term spot.

A Google User
reviewed 4 years ago

Overall Poor to fair

It might be OK if you are just looking for a place to park a trailer for a night or two but if staying longer, I would look for someplace else. The management starts new programs, such as charging your account $35/hour lawn cleaning fee.

A Google User
reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent

Very friendly staff, heavy tree coverage, free Wifi, propane available on-site. Stayed for over a year. Look forward to returning

^ Hmmmm... We wonder who posted that. If it was so excellent why did you leave after a year? Again with the 'free WiFi' and 'propane on-site'. It's kind of sounds like someone was paid to say that over and over and over again. Starbucks also has free WiFi, and a cup of coffee is $8.50 there.


Owner Sidney Lanier posting reviews on his own business on Yelp!
Sidney L.
Austin, TX
Posted: 1/16/2013

Rated 5 Stars, 1 Photo (of the a propane refill station)

Convenient Propane refill station with friendly staff

^ This!

Ok, here you go. Owner Sidney Lanier posting reviews of his own business 'Royal Palms' on Yelp! As we said before these usually one line reviews use words such as 'friendly staff', 'excellent', and 'propane on-site'. Obviously he must make a lot of money promoting that marked-up propane or for just having the monopoly on the poor souls that live at Royal Palms and have to use the stuff to cook and keep warm if they can afford it. Notice in both this post and the next post he rated his own business with five stars. He could not even fudge one star less? The post above actually even had a profile picture of Sidney Lanier but the next, more recent post, just had a generic avitar (not shown). Perhaps he tried to remove his profile photo and did not know that the previous posts would continue to use the previous profile photo associated with it at the time of the previous post(s). Not only is this kind of review "padding" unethical, deceptive. and a fraudulent business practice; it is illegal in the State of Texas and it is against the terms and conditions of Yelp to be affiliated with a business and post reviews of the said business and [5D] you are not entitled to any compensation for such advertisements. [6A] You, Sidney Lanier, agreed not to, and will not assist, encourage, or enable others to use the Yelp website by writing a fake or defamatory review, trading reviews with other businesses, or compensating someone or being compensated to write or remove a review. [13] Choice of Law and Venue: California law will govern these Terms, as well as any claim, cause of action or dispute that might arise between you and Yelp (a "Claim"), without regard to conflict of law provisions. FOR ANY CLAIM BROUGHT BY EITHER PARTY, YOU AGREE TO SUBMIT AND CONSENT TO THE PERSONAL AND EXCLUSIVE JURISDICTION IN, AND THE EXCLUSIVE VENUE OF, THE STATE AND FEDERAL COURTS LOCATED WITHIN SAN FRANCISCO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA.

Sidney L.
Austin, TX

Rated 5 Stars

Friendly staff quickly refills propane cylinders. All sizes from 20# to 100#

Owner Sidney Lanier again posting reviews of his own business 'Royal Palms' on Yelp! As we said before these one line reviews use words like 'friendly staff', 'excellent', and 'propane on-site'. Also see the review comments in the previous post above and the update below.

So Sidney Lanier we challenge you to reveal your true identity and your associates in your other fake reviews above. Or are you just marketing your company, doing your own thing, in hopes of never being caught? We may not be able to prevent furthur fake posts by yourself and your associates but you will not succeed in doing that, because the current residents at Royal Palms and both the past and future customers of Royal Palms are intelligent and can judge for themselves whether to believe your fake 'friendly staff' and 'propane on-site' five star reviews or the countless legitimate ones written by former customers themselves, and which reviews we can easily verify for anyone having any doubt about their legitimacy.

Update: (on or before 20130322) Ok, the last time we checked Yelp had removed Sidney Lanier's 'Five Star' reviews from their website, no alert banner or mention of it at this time. See the sample Yelp Consumer Alert Graphic below. Perhaps they could not find a specific banner for this infraction. So in most circumstances, it would seem like, a business owner would pay someone else to post thier fake reviews instead of being 'such a tight wad' as to post the fake reviews themselves... personally.

Sample - Yelp Consumer Alert - Consumer Alert:  We caught someone red-handed trying to buy reviews fot this business.  We weren't fooled, but wanted you to know because buying reviews not only hurts consumers, but also honest businesses who play by the rules.  Check out the evidence here.  Show me the reviews.  Graphic Description: Red Rectangle Outline with an investigator shown in side profile view.

Yelp Filtered Reviews: (Requires Log In)

Note: The Yelp reviews below are not factored into the Yelp business's overall star rating.

Antonie J.
Austin, TX

1 Star
Update - 7/29/2012

Too close to the airport.
The manager will be nice to you until after you move in. He is a penny pincher so don't expect any refunds.
I was not pleased with the service and way I was treated when staying here.

1 Previous Review
1 Star

Don't get a site near the front gate, it is too close to Hwy 71 and cars have hit the fence in that area.

They tell you that they are not in the flight path but they are right next to the airport. Get a pair of headphones to keep your hearing when staying here.

The property manager is a very closed minded, arrogant, bitter person. He won't let you speak to the owner.

Be extra careful how you park your car because if the tire is on the curb or on the ground it will get towed. It cost 200 dollars or more to get it back.

Find somewhere else to go.

Harrell G.
Austin, TX

1 Star
Update - 3/1/2011

Austin airport is adjacent to Royal Palms. Noise of takeoff and landing insures your stay will not be restful--and this in addition to it being sandwiched between two busy highways AND two other busy streets so you will be breathing jet fumes and traffic fumes 24 hours a day. If you value your health and peace of mind, find somewhere else to stay. Office manager is nice when you first meet him but beware of chisling, cheap-skate, rip-off, irritating mentality that shows after you've moved in. For example, if the laundromat machines don't work properly don't expect to get your 75 cents refunded! You will, however, be accused of being the rip-off for suggesting they refund your quarters--even after you've paid thousands in rent! But if you don't mind sleepless nights, thundering jet noise 200 feet over your head, jet and car fumes, and a petty tyrant site manager, then this place is for you.

1 Previous Post
1 Star

Located next to Austin airport the thundering noise of takeoff and landing insures your sleep will not be restful--and this in addition to it being sandwiched two busy highways AND two other busy streets so you will be breathing jet fumes and traffic fumes. If you value your health and peace of mind, find somewhere else to stay.

ref: Facebook

Royal Palms Manufactured Home & RV Community
    Opened on November 30, 1982
    In Austin, Texas.

Royal Palms Manufactured Home & RV Community
May 16, 2012

Update on Winners of Royal Palms Cash Giveaway...
   CECELIA FRANCO - $50 "Like" us on Facebook Winner!!!
   VICKI RIOS - $25 Contact Information Update Winner!!!

Royal Palms Manufactured Home & RV Community
May 15, 2012

Please check back with us tomorrow for a complete list of all winners
(Winners have been notified; but, we must have approval before announcing names...);
but for today......we celebrate these Royal Palms Residents, who we greatly appreciate!

1) "Like" us - $50 CASH giveaway winner (To be announced)!

2) VICKI - for Contact Information Update - $25

3) "Wishes to remain Anonymous" - LOGIN WEB access registration - $25

4) For Participating in ALL THREE categories (To be announced)!- $50
    CASH giveaway winner!

OUR THANKS to all who participated! ;-)

^ Blatant examples of offering cash prizes and cash incentives to LIKE them on Facebook.
   But only
[ 34 ] Likes so far...

ref: The Better Buisness Bureau

Factors that lowered the rating for Royal Palms Mobile Home & RV Community include:
    BBB does not have sufficient background information on this business.

Factors that raised the rating for Royal Palms Mobile Home & RV Community include:
    Length of time business has been operating.
    Complaint volume filed with BBB for business of this size.
    Response to 1 complaint(s) filed against business.
    Resolution of complaint(s) filed against business.

Customer Complaints Summary Read complaint details:
    1 complaint closed with BBB in last 3 years
    0 closed in last 12 months

Complaint Type:
Total Closed Complaints:
Advertising/Sales Issues
Billing/Collection Issues
Delivery Issues
Guarantee/Warranty Issues
Problems with Product/Service
Total Closed Complaints

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution:
Complaint Resolution Log (1)
    BBB Closure Definitions BBB found business made good faith effort to resolve complaint but customer not satisfied with business response (1 complaint)
    1/10/2012 Problems with Product/Service

ref: The Austin Chronical

Queen Lo-La Facing RV Park Exile

Trailer court moves to eject Nubian Queen Lo-La
By Diana Welch, Fri., July 20, 2007

Queen Lo-La of the Nubian Queen
Queen Lo-La
Photo By John Anderson

Unless reason returns to the Royal Palms trailer court by Saturday, July 21, Queen Lo-La will be looking for a new estate.

Like her popular Eastside restaurant, Nubian Queen Lo-La's Cajun Soulfood Kitchen, Lozina E. Stephens' new recreational vehicle is dark, cool, and comfortable, done up tastefully in burgundy and purple crushed velvet, with recorded gospel music in the air. It is remarkably tidy for its small size, especially given that it houses not only Stephens but also her two teenage daughters and a small dog. The level of order Stephens and her girls maintain is artful: Just beyond the houseplants that serve as dividers between the sitting area and the kitchen, bags of potato chips are carefully displayed on a built-in rack on the counter. Outside, the garden is just as tidy, with windmills and other colorful trinkets sprucing up the rented lot at the Royal Palms Manufactured Home and RV Community, at Ben White Boulevard and Highway 183, where the RV has been parked for less than two months. Fourteen-year-old Lisa recently personalized the home with a carefully executed present to her mom: She painted the trim, hitch, and door of the off-white home in Stephens' signature color, purple.

Two weeks later, Stephens received a phone call at the Cajun Kitchen. It was her daughter saying that Royal Palms' manager Darshan Jani had just knocked on the door to inform the family that the paint job was unsuitable. Stephens called him to see what was up. "He said that he wasn't going to have Queen Lo-La and her colors," she explained, exasperated. "He said one of us was going to have to go." Stephens refused, explaining that she hadn't received any park rules dictating her color choices. A quick drive around Royal Palms finds homes painted all manner of colors in varying combinations: gold, red, teal, brown, yellow, orange, mint green, baby blue, navy, and now, with Stephens' RV, purple.

Royal Palms' owner, Sidney E. Lanier, says that Stephens was never formally asked to leave but that Jani did post a notice on her door informing her that while Royal Palms appreciates the efforts she has made to improve her home and lot, she needs to paint her RV by July 21 because the current paint job does not comply with community rules. Stephens maintains she hadn't been informed of this rule when she signed the agreement; Lanier explained that the rules presented to her were abridged.

For Stephens, this was the last straw. Within her first month at Royal Palms, she was cited for breaking other rules: first, keeping a plastic set of drawers outside her RV to hold her gardening tools; she removed the drawers. Also in the first month, she says her donated sport utility vehicle was towed for what Stephens says was a bit of her tire poking out onto Palma Circle Drive, a parking violation. Stephens says she had to pay $200 to get it out of hock.

This RV is Stephens's first home in a while: She was homeless for 2 years after being flooded out of a trailer community on Johnny Morris Road, where she had lived for 12 years. Stephens says she "hid like a mouse" in her restaurant with her children. During that time, she rode her bicycle around town, searching in the ditches and under houses for others without homes, letting them know that she hosted free meals in her restaurant's back yard every Sunday. She also hosted fundraisers for Katrina refugees, giving all the money raised directly to those displaced. Her good works have not gone unnoticed; she has received gifts small and large: community recognition, anonymous donations of money and food, her SUV, and, most recently, her RV, donated to her by people she calls the "flying angels" of Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church.

"I'm not going to paint this RV, because I'm not going to compromise," Stephens insisted. "When somebody gets so worked up over a color, believe me, it's not going to end at a trailer. Next thing, he'll be asking you to change the color of your skin, change the color of your car, change the color of your hair."

"This has nothing to do with color anymore; it has to do with someone who draws all these forces together to get her way," said Lanier. "Now that she is trying to mobilize all these forces, there is no resolution. We are not trying to be unreasonable, and we can't deal with unreasonable people."

Reason hasn't played a major role in this situation yet – it was certainly out of town when Jani and Stephens met to talk the matter over. According to Stephens, when she arrived at the Royal Palms management office with the church members who had given her the RV, Jani "screamed" at the others to "get out," refusing to let them accompany her into the office. Once inside the office, Jani says Stephens became the aggressor. According to Lanier (who was not present), "Lo-La came into the office and was inflammatory. She was unwilling to discuss the situation in an acceptable manner." Stephens admits that she symbolically drew a line with "the Blood of the Lamb in the name of Jesus Christ" between herself and Jani as protection from his "evil" – a religious gesture that Jani interpreted as aggressive. Stephens says Jani is misrepresenting their conversation. "I have yet to yell about this, and I promise I won't," Stephens insists. "I didn't go in there violently."

Stephens has the support of her immediate neighbors in Royal Palms, 29 of whom signed a petition asking Lanier to "personally reconsider the eviction notice that has been issued to Lo-La. We appreciate and enjoy the improvements that Lo-La has made to her home and yard. Her flowers, plants, whimsical frogs, and bright, cheerful lavender accents … add a vibrant, cheerful atmosphere to our neighborhood."

Lanier plans to write the neighbors and explain his position. "I don't think the petitioners know how she behaved," he said. He also points out that the term "eviction" does not legally apply to this situation. "We are not obligated beyond what our residents pay for up front. It's more like a motel: You pay for four days; you stay for four days." Stephens' rent is paid through Aug. 4; if the matter is not resolved by then, she'll have to leave.

Angel Kalinec, who has lived in Royal Palms for 14 years and under two previous managers, says the current manager's style is oppressive and likens the new atmosphere to a prison. "He's a little dictator," she says of Jani. "I think it's time that Mr. Lanier re-evaluate his management."

But for Lanier, it's Stephens' rabble-rousing that isn't welcome at Royal Palms. "I don't need somebody who makes World War III out of something like this," he explains. "Who knows how she'll respond if a larger issue arises?"

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Order AT&T 3.0 Mb DSL Internet - The only internet provider at RP, unless you subscribe to cable or have a land line at RP, there is no U-Verse at RP.
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Royal Palms - Community Rules - .pdf file
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Time Warner Digital TV Services and Plans - use zip 78744
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Spring Woods Bank Houston vs. Sidney E. Lanier - 05/15/80 Court of Appeals of Texas, Tenth District, Waco, be sure and give this guy 'written notice' for everything!
L&L Political Campaign Contributions
WD5DXO - Ham Callsign, Sounded like decent guy on the radio...
Woodrun Subdivision Brochure - .pdf file

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Digital Broadcast Television Reception - at Royal Palms

Royal Palms' Electric Meter - How Royal Palms bills you for twice the amount of electricity, instead of what you have actually used.

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