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Renewable Energy Fair:

Fredericksburg, Texas USA

September 28-30, 2001


Stereo Picture - Marktplatz - Fredericksburg, Texas
IN MEMORY OF OTFRID HANS FREIHERR von MEUSEBACH Born at Dillenburg, Nassau, Germany May 26,1812.  Commissioner-General of the Society for the Protection of German Immigrans in Texas who became a citicen of The Republic of Texas under the name of John O. Meusbach Founder of Fredericksburg on May 8, 1846.  On March 1-2, 1847, he negotiated with 20 Comance Chiefs a Treaty of Peace which protected the German frontier settlements from indian raids, State Senator in 1851, Appointed Comissioner for the  ''Colony of The German Emigration Company'' by Governor Pease to distribute headrights to the colonists of the German Emigration Company in 1834.  Founder of the Town of Loyal Valley wher he died, May 27, 1897. Erected by The State of Texas 1836.

Solar Racer:

Solar Racer - Panorama - Click to Enlarge 381kb, compressed 50%
Solar Racer Solar Racer
Solar Racer Solar Racer
Solar Racer

Fair Pictures:

Fredericksburg's Um-pa Band (Solar Powered PA)
Stereo Picture - Solar Power Unit for the Public Address System used by the Musicians.
DME Design Engineering (Bicycles) Renewable Energy Recreational Vehicle - Solar Panels and Wind Power produce Hydrogen.
Fun with Fuel Cells - Left to Right - Solar Energy to Electricity, Electrolisis of Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen, Fuel Cell Converts Hydrogen and Oxygen into Electricity again, then an Electric Motor produces Rotary Mechanical Motion driving a propeller. One of many Lecture Series Picture of a picture of some Photovoltaic Arrays. Solar Cooking Pot Pies
Gary Gene ''The Architect'' Gary Gene ''The Architect'' Gary Gene ''The Architect''
The Longhorn produced lots of methane gas! Wind Power

Wildseed Farms:

Wildseed Farms - Truck Wildseed Farms


Texas Renewable Energy Roundup - Green Living and Sustainability Fair

The Winston Solar Car Team

EXILTECH - sine wave power inverters

Solus - battery-free solar refrigerator

Solar Energy International -

US Deparment of Energy

The University of Texas at Houston - office of planning and development

and Wildseed Farms