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Chinese Ground Station and Satellite:

I did not have a clue when I downloaded the plans for this one since I do not read Chinese.
I think I figured it out, cut and paste, and a lot of "I think this part might go here."

Small Photo - Chinese Ground Station and Satellite Chinese Satellite - Detail View

I liked the way the 'Ground Station' looked when I saw the plans on the site. It was almost like origami, but my ba-gua was bent out of shape tyring to learn Chinese. The pictures and diagram on their site helped at first, but it left a lot of the details to the imagination. I started by printing the pages in landscape mode to make them as big as possible using heavyweight matte paper for strength and durability. Then I ended up having to make a few cuts on a couple of parts I had already glued together. I guess it was unlike some other plans I had looked at where you cut out the shaded parts. So if there is a circle with a bunch of Chinese characters written in it, you are probably supposed to cut that part out, except when there are only a few characters leave it alone. If something is shaded leave it there, it is part of the the final design.

Stereo Image of the Ground Station (Cross Your Eyes!)
Photograph Above Stereo Photograph! (Cross Your Eyes)

So when building the 'Ground Station' cut out the circles in in parts 'D' and 'F' before you glue them together. Then the arms that hold the upper reflector on the dish are glued to each other so that the folds are all right angles at the top. The two leg sides of each part becomes one leg.

The only problem I ran into with the 'Satellite' was figuring out how to mount the solar panels. Cut the 'red' 'T's on the sides of the satellite before you glue it together. Fold and glue those two long white parts together to make a 'T' shape and pass it through the satellite and glue the solar panels to that. I also colored in the white side of the paper ring with a black felt tip marker to match that end of the satellite. The other black part is the display stand, fold it rectangular, it is hard to see the lines once it is printed.

Large Photo - Chinese Graound Station and Satellite
Know you know as much Chinese as me!

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My translation is as follows:

I got these plans from: - (Chinese Font required!).

Links from site:

Free Download- Ground Station - (955 KB Adobe .pdf).
Free Download- Chinese Satellite no.1 - (470 KB Adobe .pdf).
Combination Fig. Ground station - (Ground Station Assembly Diagram).
Combination Fig. Chinese Satellite no. 1 - (Satellite Assembly Diagram).
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-Thanks for the link Gregory!       (Gregory bulit the 1/37 scale 'Cassini Spacecraft' paper model with the help of a friend. See the Pic!).

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