Mobile Loaves & Fishes:


Providing food and clothing to promote dignity among our homeless brothers and sisters in need.

List of Things:

We have noticed that some of our brothers and sisters in need could use some extra help with household items when they move into their new homes and trailers with Community First. This is just a short 'list of things' that can make their move safe and pleasant, and life a little more comfortable for everyone. If you have some of these 'new' or 'slightly used' items that you are not using, please donate them to M.L.&F. Community First to distribute to new residents in our community, or visit them to see what items they are in need of. Anything Helps!

    Household Goods:

Shower Curtain - $1.79 at HEB, or go to Dollar General etc.
Shower Rod Rings - $1

Bath Towels and Washcloths
Pillow Case(s) with New Pillow(s)

ABC Fire Extinguishers - Fully Charged or New
Emergency Batteries - for Flashlights, Weather Radios, Smoke Alarms, etc.
Flashlights, and Weather Radios - or a regular battery powered radio or wind-up if nothing else
First Aid Kits

An 'Extra' Water Hose - for backup and emergencies
Romex (or Generic Equivalent Foam Pipe Insulation) - to insulate water pipes and hoses in the wintertime
Aluminum 'Silver' Tape - to wrap foam and insulate water pipes (above) and hoses in the wintertime

    Cleaning Supplies:

A Small Bucket - square is better than round
'Sponge' Mop, Broom, and Dust Pan
Trash Can - Small one for the kitchen that will fit under the sink

Dish Soap
Laundry Soap
Toilet Paper
Trash Bags

    Kitchen Items:

Ice Trays
Pots and Pans
Dishes, Plates, Bowls, Drinking Glasses, Coffee Cup, and Utensils
Dish Towels
Non-Perishable Food - enough to last a few days per person, and in case of emergency etc.

    Special Needs Items:

Shower Chair
Wheel Chair - Standard Fold-up Type for Trips to the Doctor etc.
'Good' Electric Wheel Chair Batteries - 'Good' or 'Working Condition', please recycle them if they will not hold a full charge.

Or just remember to DESIGNATE A DONATION to one or more or the M.L.&F. Catagories
on their website. They are a wonderful orgainization doing good work in our community.

Always Use Proper Pipe Insulation Techniques!  Minimum 3/4 inch of Pipe Insulation, U.V. Protective Aluminum Tape.  Graphic (c)