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NASA - Space Shuttle
NASA - International Space Station
Visible Satellites [Home] - Heavens Above
Visible Satellites (Note)
Preset Visible Satellite Locations
Ambit - NASA LIVE cams
Current U.S. Surface Weather Maps
Liftoff Home - J-track - (New) Home
Liftoff Home - J-track - (Old Selection Page)
Liftoff Home - J-track - J-Pass (2.5 beta, by Zip Code)
Liftoff Home - J-track - Plots of the popular satellites in realtime, the weather (clouds) can be superimposed too, COOL!.
Liftoff Home - J-track - 3D Plot of all satellites in realtime; WAY COOL!
GlobeXplorer - A new website offers a satellite view of nearly any rooftop in the world - including yours!
Astronomy Links
USA Today - Online Version of the Newspaper
Boob Tube
Tech TV - Call for Help, The Screen Savers, and much more. (formerly ZDTV)
Tech TV's - Call for Help, with Leo Laporte
Tech TV's - The Screen Savers, with Patrick and Leo
It's not news, it's FARK.COM
Net Talk Live - Cheesy Computer TV Show
The Computer Chronicles with Stewart Chiefet as seen on PBS.
The Net Cafe - Street Maps and Driving Directions, also gives Latitude and Longitude.
Automotive -,
Art Bell, Coast to Coast, All Night Talk Radio -
Mike's List - Current Issue -
 Mike - Please Download the Current Issue of Home Power Magazine every couple of months (Adobe PDF File).
Texas Renewable Energy Roundup - Fredericksberg, Texas Sept. 29th - Oct. 1st
Some Cool Links
The Olympics -
Classical Currency Converter - Vote for the National Tree!
Unusual Links
Kim Komando - Talk Radio Computer Help
Drudge Retort -
The Elgan Report (Mike Elgan technology editor) -
Internet Storm Center -
Jet Propulsion Labroatory -