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A few screen shots of some things I made with LEGO Creator.

Visit the LEGO Web Site Here.

Click here to see the Mosaic!

Kim's Airpark (1)

Kim's Airpark (4)

Kim's Airpark (2)

Biplane (Yellow)

Secrity Patrol

Passenger Terminal

Radio Tower

Ratating Resturant (Dusk)

Aircraft Factory

Landing Lights (white - too high glide scope)

Landing Lights (amber - correct glide scope)

Landing Lights (red - too lowt glide scope)

Airpark Beacon (closeup)

Airpark Worker

Break Room

Housing Area (Night)

Housing Area (Day)

Kim's Airpark (3)

Tower Explodes

LEGO's Mosaic

A picture's worth a thousand tiny plastic gewgaws.

Below: This is the first one I ever made.

Try it yourself: Click Here to open LEGO' MOSAIC Web Page.

Kim's 5th grade picture done in LEGO's Mosaic - Click to open LEGO's Mosaic Web Page.

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