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The University of Texas Tower the Sunday Lance won.



Auditorium Shores

August 4, 2001 Austin, Texas USA

The Live Music Capital of the World!

Lance Kick's Ass!
Lance Armstrong
Three Time Tour De France Champion!
1999 . 2000 . 2001

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Bikes with Sunset

Earlier that day...
The Panorama Layout

I'm so stoned, I can't even move.

Austin's Music Babe - Trish Murphy
Trish Murphy

Ian's up there on stage; I swear!
Ian Moore

Kenny Montage Kenny - Jammin - Hell Yeah!
Kenny Wayne Shepherd


Red Bull Car Stereo Car - Parked Right by it and got some free Red Bull.
Red Bull Car - Stereo Picture - Cross Your Eyes!

Working in Drag Pretty Photographer Buy My Shirt
Fans - Working It

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The Music:

Trish Murphy

Ian Moore

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Double Trouble