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GPX Files:

For use with Kim's Notes for USAPhotoMaps - Points of Interest,
load them to your GPS, or edit with
EasyGPS Waypoint Editor.

To Download 'Right Click' on a link then 'Save Target as...'.

Graphic: US UTM Longitude Zone 10-19 each 6 UTM Zone(s):

Download the .gpx File: zone_10.gpx  zone_10.gpx

Download the .gpx File: zone_11.gpx  zone_11.gpx

Download the .gpx File: zone_12.gpx  zone_12.gpx

Download the .gpx File: zone_13.gpx  zone_13.gpx

Download the .gpx File: zone_14.gpx  zone_14.gpx

Download the .gpx File: zone_15.gpx  zone_15.gpx

Download the .gpx File: zone_16.gpx  zone_16.gpx

Download the .gpx File: zone_17.gpx  zone_17.gpx

Download the .gpx File: zone_18.gpx  zone_18.gpx

Download the .gpx File: zone_19.gpx  zone_19.gpx

Download the .gpx File: ut_points.gpx  ut_points.gpx - University of Texas PTS Coordinates ref.

* - Some of this data could be erroneous.

* * - All Elevation Data is Null in the above files.

File Sizes (10-19) average each about 3KB the combined (all) file is about 19KB and the archived (.zip) file is about 14KB.

The waypoint files (10-19) are broken into UTM Zones to work with USAPhotoMaps for example. Some erroneous waypoints may exist in some of the files due to data entry error(s) and or duplification and removal by the editor. As these files are hand processed, the elevation has been omited for specific reasons. For no reason are these files guaranteed or certified to be accurate and correct.

- Kim Dara

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