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Kim's Notes for USAPhotoMaps.
My GPS Tracks -
JDMCox Software - Download USAPhotoMaps from this site.
JDMCox Software - Secondary Auxillary Backup Server - Download USAPhotoMaps from this site.
How to Use USAPhotoMaps by Digital Grove Mapping
An awsome resource -
Garmin Limited -
Download the Garmin GNS430 (Garmin 400 Series Trainer) Aeronaughtical GPS Simulator Here!
Magellan GPS -
Lowrance GPS
DeLorme -
Download Terra-Client Application Here. (Compared to USAPhotoMaps, a way scaled down version.)
Map Quest
Map Blast
Coordinate Translation - - Translate coordinates (WGS-84, NAD-83, and NAD-27) to and from Latitude/Longitude and UTM. Also, if the location is within the conterminous 48 states, you will also see the converted coordinates for the other map datums.
Download Easy GPS here.  Manage and edit waypoint lists, tracks, and routes.
Search for Geocaches Worldwide - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site -
Geocaching - Hide and Seek a Cache -  Search for closest geocaches, benchmarks... Search for Geocaches Worldwide - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site -
How far is it? This 'Cool Tool' finds the latitude and longitude and of two places, and then calculates the distance and bearing between them.  - Pop URL:
''If you have a broadband Internet connection and want to see aerial photos of key cities around the world in very high resolution and in color, then ... Click Here ... and select Try Keyhole LT ... Highly Recommended!'' - Doug Cox,

Thanks Brad Parkinson!