Windows Global Shotcuts:

Keyboard Command:Activity Description:Additional Information:
Ctrl + Alt + DelTask MonitorCloses a Process, repeating the command reboots the computer without shuting down windows. ooops...
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + ASelect All
Ctrl + WCloses the Active WindowVery usefull for closing anoying pop-up ads on the web.
Windows + TabToggles through the active windows.Cycles through the buttons on the Task Bar. To activate the selected button on the Task Bar, press the Enter key.
Windows + E Opens the Windows Explorer Window. opens to ... ''My Computer''.
Windows + D Minimizes all open windows and displays the Desktop. If you repeat the keyboard command, the open windows will return to their original state. Same as clicking on the Desktop Icon on the Quick Launch Bar.
Windows + F Opens a Search Files and Folders Window. Repeating the command opens a new search.
Windows + L Locks a Windows XP computer.
Windows + R Opens the Run command dialog box.
Windows + F1 Opens the Help and Support Center Window.
Windows + Pause/Break Opens the Systems Properties Dialog Box.
Alt + Tab Toggles or switches between open windows. Hold the Ctrl Key down, cycle throuth the active application icons with the Tab Key, when you release the Ctrl Key the highlighted icon will become the active window.
Alt + F4 Closes the open window.
Alt + Crtl + SSpeaks the time when using Multi-Language Time
Make a shortcut...see Note Opens the Virtual Magnifying Glass. The following keyboard shortcuts are available when the lens is active:
[ + ] Zoom in
[ - ] Zoom out
[ Spacebar ] Toggle aiming on / off
[ Up arrow ] Increase the lens height
[ Down arrow ] Decrease the lens height
[ Right arrow ] Increase the lens width
[ Left arrow ] Decrease the lens width

Note : To set up a shortcut key for launching the Magnifying Glass do the following (this may not work on all versions of Microsoft® Windows®, and only certain key combinations can be assigned as shortcuts):

  1. Go from the Start Menu to the Magnifying Glass sub-menu (the place where you would normally start the Magnifier)
  2. Right-click the item named Magnifying Glass
  3. Choose properties from the pop-up menu that appears
  4. In the dialog that appears, select the shortcut key field
  5. Press the key combination you wish to assign to Magnifying Glass

Id give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

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