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**087 + (numeric message) = Running Late...
**106 + (numeric message) = Mtg At...
**107 + (numeric message) = Mtg Now At...
**108 + (numeric message) = Next Mtg At...
**119 + (numeric message) = Delayed Til...

Reverse Messaging:

? = I Love You.
5*9*39*771 = I'll be back soon.
2*06*773177 = We'll go too.
2*06*771 = I'll go too.
34404*06 = Go home!
34404*441 = I'm home.
1*0435 = Send One.
2*0435 = Send Two.

My pager does not work from the Web.
You must dial the phone number!
It does work from Dialpad.

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See my New Pager.

My old pager died.
It had a major display malfunction.
It was like that for about a month.
They sent me a new one over-night express.
Then when I was taking the battery out of the old one,
to send it back, the little battery lock broke off.
It's last fleeting attempt to get some attention.
I taped the poor little thing back together.
We've been through a lot together.
I'll sure miss that little thing.

The new one is about half the size of the old one.
The old one was about half the size of the one I had before that.
I suppose the next one will be so small that...

Well, the new one sounds all different.
So I made some recordings of the old one right before I put
it in the envelope to send it away, for memory sakes.
I miss my old 'DAMN' PAGER alright! :'(