If you found this page you are half way there.
As my server does not support MP3s, you will have to
download this as a .zip file then unzip it!


Due to technical difficulties beyond my control, there is about nine seconds missing near the beginning of the recording.
I think you said your call letters... that probably did it.
Maybe we can catch it on replay one of these nights to find out what really happened.
You can record it next time... or buy the tape from Art, or maybe snatch it off of real player replays.

Click Here To Download '''' 1,091 KB unzips as ''cydo-01mono.mp3'' 1,111 KB, Encoded at 96 CBR.

Damn Conspiracist!
con∑spir∑a∑cist (kn-spÓr-sst)
One holding a conspiracy theory.

Peace and Love, -Lance8x8

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