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Just some strange newspaper clippings here...

''I'm sorry, but you're all being laid-off, because we've pretty much figured out all there is to know about the human ass.''

NEW! ON THIS SITE Homeless shelter GRAND OPENING X'ed 2001, X'ed 2003, 2012

Andre' was looking for a meaningful relationship based on mutual support and understanding - in the meantime, Jim will do.  [''Alize' Red Passion Martini'' . 2 1/2 ox. Alize' Red PAssion . 1 oz. premium vodka . Fill shaker with ice, add ingredients shake and strain into a martini glass.  say it the French way... ''Ah-lee-zay''] [Alize: An alluring blend of  passion fruit, caranberry and fine French cognac Call 1-800-682-2921 for more recipes or to find out where you can buy Alize'.  Please drink responsibly.]

I started smoking, to get cancer.  But Now I just think it Looks Cool. (seiten 2000)

Virus Gold: Old Folklore Story art by Stanislav Grezdo (A Hitler Characterteur points at a map of the world, several McDonalds type 'M's surround him, one large 'M' appears on north america, and several  flag pins are stuck in the map.)

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