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Charts and Graphs:

Just a few of my projects charts and graphs are stored here.
Please feel free to browse the current database.

I suggest saving these images to your hard drive and then printing them as needed. As these are raw templates, you might want to print them from a program such as Photosuite and adjust the size to fit the page, or center the object as needed.

(Each image will open in a new browser window.)

24 Hour Clock .gif - Graph the Day ANALOG; please center the image on the page and print.
24 Hour Timeline .gif - Graph the Day LINEAR; four six hour lines of 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minute, and one hour blocks.

Balance Sheet .gif - register / ledger like balance custom template thing.

Calendar for 2001.gif - 2001 Calendar all on one page, starts with Monday, weeks are numbered.

Horizontal Blank Chart .gif
Horizontal Alphanumeric Chart .gif - For the vision impaired. (sample study: use large black digits or large stickers.)

Guitar Full Page Guitar Tabs.gif - has Treble Cleff Staff, Guitar Tab, and Eight Double Octive Fret Boards below them. (Is portrait for easy printing.)

Vertical Blank Chart .gif
Vertical Symbol Chart .gif - For children and the illiterate. (sample: suggesting all visual cues with this one, dots or pictures etc.)


No Mowing Sign .gif - Laminate and place in your Wildflower Meadows.

Skinks Nesting .gif - Do Not Disturb! Sinks Nesting (with a small pictogram of a skink with some eggs). Laminate and place in your Skink Nesting Areas.

Security Notice .jpg - Security Notice - This area under 24 hour live/recorded video surveillance, tresspassers will be presecuted. (Red and White, rotated for printing.)