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Button Help:

On some of my web pages you may find a set of Helper Buttons in the upper right corner, at the bottom of the page, or as a floating watermark. This is only a descriptive listing and the following buttons are inactive. Not all of the buttons appear on all web pages, just the ones that are usually used on a specific page appear on that page. There is also usually an alternative text description with each button as you place your mouse pointer over it.

Print Page Prints the current page displayed in the current browser window.
Back Twice Takes you back two pages on your web browser.
Back Takes you back one page on your web browser.
Home Takes you to your Home Page as set on your browser, Netscape Only. Bonus Webmaster's Button (also used as a Link to Button)
Forward Takes you Forward one web page on your web browser.
Surf the Web Surf the Web - the pop-up opens the entered URL in a new sizable window.
Refresh / Reload Refreshes / Reloads the current web page.
View Source View the HTML Source Code of the currently displayed web page.
Button Help Help - Displays the current Help Page.
CTRL - Control Page Control - Opens the Control Panel of Web Site Views.
Fresh Browser Fresh Browser - Opens a new browser with menu buttons and status bar.
Full Screen Full Screen - Opens the Desktop in Full Screen Mode, works well with IE.
Window Window - Opens Desktop in the same window.
Windowed Windowed - Opens the Desktop in a new window
Close Window Close Window - Closes the active window, or current browser.
Server Status Server Status Green Light - Server is Active.
Server Status Server Status Red Light - Server is Inactive.

More Help:

If you are still having trouble with the pop-up windows and you can not find a function that you need, right click your mouse for a small browser menu. If what you need is not on that menu, select 'open frame in new window' or 'open in a new window' from the right click menu to have the web page displayed a regular browser window.

Some of the above buttons behave slightly different on Internet Explorer than Netscape.

View Source will will dispay the text command in the browser window and open the source code in your default text editor, usually notepad. You will have to click 'Back' on your IE browser to return to the web page. Netscape will display the source code in a seperate and usually full size pop-up window.

The Surf the Web button pop-up always controls the web page being displayed in the viewing window. A second URL entered in the control box will open the new URL in the same viewing window.