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Bradford Pauler (w/ long hair 1994)
Bradford Pauler (w/ long hair 1994)

Bradford Pauler (short hair 1998)
Bradford Pauler (short hair 1998)


My name is Brad Pauler and I have lived mostly in the Austin area since '85. I'm interested in going to progressive and like-minded groups in the Austin area... New to this internet stuff, and I could use some direction...

What makes you "weird"?

I am nice to my neighbors... I talk to people at stores and on the bus... I listen to a lot of underground and experimental music... And my taste in movies reflects the non mainstream tastes I have in music... I have been to dance groups like body choir, you all know that one? I think that we should live in a truly free society where people can truly get together and live in peace and love, & I guess that is just the beginning of what could make me what many might call weird... I see that there is a lot more that could be added here, I will add more later...

Christmas Seattle Filmworks
Bradford Pauler / Christmas /Seattle Filmworks

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Bradford Pauler
Austin, Texas

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