Ban Bad Businesses

in Austin, Texas

and everywhere else!

     In a society the practices open commerce, it is a matter of Free Enterprize how goods and services are distributed. Let everyone decide of their own free will as to which goods and services they wish to consume, eat, and use for their own personal use their own personal decision. In my life I have in fact myself received inferior or shoddy products and or poor quality service from certain businesses and servive personel from time to time and some are more recent than others. I here by publish this list of some of the business and related products and services I have had difficulity in the present and past without complete resolution or satisfaction and all the facts, rating, and experiances are true and honest to the best of my recollection. If you feel you have been listed unfairly in this directory please feel free to write me at and I will decide or not decide to include your comments at my decression. Then ofcourse you would have to really upset me or please me in the first place to get listed. The Ban Bad Businesses in Austin, Texas list appears first, then the Excellent Products and Services are listed below them.


Selected Buses, Routes, and Drivers of...

Capital Metro Buses

Do not board Capital Metro Buses if you feel the driver may be unsafe and or is ruley or harassing passengers for no other appearent reason than self gratification, failing to pick up passengers waiting at bus stops or missing stops altogether, off route, or over loaded; although most bus drivers preform beyond the call of duty niney eight percent of the time. Immediately notify 911 and Capital Metro and please state that the dirver is not alert or driving in a dangerous or careless manner at 512-474-1200 or 1-800-474-1201 from any pay phone. The bus driver number is the plackard in the bottom right of the windshield as you are looking at the bus from the outside, it may also prove to be helpful if you know the day, time of day, bus route, bus location, direction of travel, and a description of the bus driver, as well as any other whitnesses or number of them there may be. Click Here for an Example and Capital Metro Bus Drivers just remember who you work for... ME, the Tax Payer.

A few Convient Stores:

Texaco and Valero Corner Store (Vallero is formerly 'The Diamond Shamrock') Oltoft and Pleasant Valley Store # 552 2222East Oltorf Austin, TX.
Both gas stations - convients stores are Oltorf and Pleasant Valley in Austin, Texas are right across the street from each other.

Both would not accept Marlboro Master Card Reward Card although both were Marlbord distributors.

Both had thrown out a homeless man in wheelchair just after a few minutes as it was near freezing outside just before sunrise. After that the man called 911 and was rescued by authorities. The man was quoted as saying ''I just needed a place to warm up for five minutes I've been outside the whole time since I got evicted from my appartment a few of weeks ago.'' When it warmed up later that day the man was seen in another part of town gathering food and supplies and said he was thankful that he got breakfast, hot chocolate, and coffee from the Salvation Army after he was released and they had told him about a church where he could get a little food and some financial assistance.

Littlefield Store - Brazo's and 6th Street

This one is on the corner in the Littlefield Mall across from the Drikel Hotel (Old Pecan Street), and closest to the 6th and Brazos Capital Metro Transfer Time Point. I should make charts and graphs for this one, dear god help us. If you need something in this area it is only a short walk to the store to the East of the Stop on the same block and much more friendlier service and a wider variety of products.
1. Would not accept legal tender as a payment.
2. Does not handle transactions in a timely manner, multiple instances.
3. Employees Rude and Obnoxcious to Customers.

This is too bad because one of the other clerks is one of the best in Austin, I guess it is true, one bad apple spoils the whole batch.

Exxon - Convient Store/Gas Station / Riverside Drive and Pleasant Valley

This is the Exxon at Riverside Drive and Pleasant Valley in front of the HEB Grocery Store in Austin, Texas. Exploding Scripto Cigerette Lighters; enough said! I won't even mention Alaska.

South Austin Music Store

This is the small music store by the Saxon Pub with the Suite of Armor out front on South Lamar in Austin, Texas.

I went in there to buy a guitar string and they did not want to swipe my card because it cost them $2 each time they used it so I dug around in my guitar case for some change, luckily I had enough... barely. Then the dude broke the string when he was tuning it up the first time. I was tring to look around to see if there was anything else there I needed. I was impressed by the ''You blow it; you buy it signs.'' but they didn't have any keyboards in the place so I went down the street to the next music store I saw and bought a guitar and a amp with some extra cords and effects they threw in for free and the place next door fixed the flat tire on my bicycle while I went in the music store for $1 and I saw they had those Livestrong Armbands there so I bought two of thoes.

Icom, Interliant, Intelicom

Anything that starts with an ''I'' for that matter iBook and iPod included, no matter, that's the way to remember it . Icom/Interliant/Ixxx owe me $100.00 and I never got it but despite multiple attemps to collect it after failier to resolve issues with their web servers and other customer service related issues after migration and aquizition from the ''next company'' it happened a few too many times to too many people.

Excellent Products and Services

in the Austin, Texas Area

and every where else for that matter.

Do not think that every business that I walk into or use on a daily basis has bad products and services and here are a few of them in which I find that have exelent products and friendly courtious service personel.

Discount Grocery - Conveinient Store

* * * * * (Five Stars) - Located on South First in Austin, Texas this quaint little store has just what you want when you need it, ask to use the red courtesy phone to call anyone in the metro area or check bus schedules, verify appointments and you can also get a breakfast tacos and coffee in the morning right next door. Both pay phones work out front and there is also a spare pay phone across the street at the another convient store with a smaller product selection but sells gasoline just in case no one around offers you the use of their cell phone in the first place. Right down the street from the S.H.A.C. and Mendelson Elementary, who needs gas anyway? When we can just coast to the gas station.

Buenos Aires Cafe - Argentinean Cusine

2414 S. 1st Street Austin, Texas 78704

Phone 512-441-9000
Fax 512-441-9004
Chef Jessie Torres 512-627-4335

On South First on the West Side of the Street Just South of Oltorf. Best Empanada in North America that's for damn sure, sorry Fonda San Miguel but at least you still the best Margarita in North America. The place reminds me of a small European Guesthouse, very friendly service and attention to details and special requests, a great place to bring a date for afternoon lunch or dinner.

Bluedomino - San Antonio, Texas

Web Hosting and Related Services

Fire-Eye - Austin, Texas

Making Firepersonel and Firefighters Safer.

TenXpert - Austin, Texas

Network Servers, CD Servers, and DVD ROM Server Solutions (Hardware and Software)

Austin Ventage Guitar - 1112 S. Lamar Austin, Texas

Excelent References and Referals. Buy, Sell, Trade, Appraisals, and Repairs (512) 428-9100

Austin Music Exchange - Northloop Austin, Texas

Four Businesses in One. If we can not fix it, it is broken. Walter Hutcheson - Guitar Luither

Freitag Florist(s) - Anderson Lane at Burnet Austin, Texas

Austin's Biggest Walk in Cooler and Flowers for all Occasions. Ask for the Wizard's Nephew, Specials, and Group Discounts.