Kim Dara's Avatars:

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Kimbob Lookaround One kim-sm-red.bmp

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Kim Dara's Scans:

''Kim'' - orginal scan
''My cowboy boots were red.'' I actually remember when this photograph was taken. The potographer made me hold my fingers like that, it really hurt. He just kept messing with me and pressing my fingers down and bending them like that. So that is probably why I'm not smiling; I was in pain. I could not hold this pose for very long! There was some dirt on the photograph on my shirt, later I photoshopped the dirt away. I just could not find that one right now, so just look at this one, ok. You might notice the dirt 'is missing' on the small ones up above.

Left - Kevin, Right - Ray Dean
My Brothers, Kevin on the Left, Ray Dean on the Right.
''Put some pants on that kid!''

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