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Now girl I had sold some wheat and Ray had sold a few cattle. So we had saved a little bit of money in a mason jar that I kept behind the kitchen stove where it would be safe from outlaws. Now Ray had been to town and wanted to buy a pickup truck from a man and I wanted to buy a little tractor for my garden and we couldn't afford both a pickup truck and a little tractor for my garden. I was about to lay down for a nap and I told Ray not to go to town and buy that pickup truck from that man but he did any way, and when he came home I found out about it. Well girl, when he laid down to take his nap, I got in that pickup truck and took it back to that man in town and got the money back. I called Ray up and said either you can come and get me or you can come get this pickup truck. Well girl, he came and got me. Then the next day when Ray laid down to take his nap again, I went to town and bought me a little tractor for my garden, and when I got home Ray found out about it. So I told Ray plow up all of that beside the barn there and I'll plant a little garden, and when it grows we'll sell all that and I'll buy you a pickup truck. We'll he did, and that's how I got my little tractor for my garden and Ray got his pickup truck.